How to Order Paparazzi Jewelry Wholesale

How to Order Paparazzi Jewelry Wholesale

Many new Paparazzi Independent Consultants become ecstatic the first time they receive their Paparazzi starter kits that they simply want to order in bulk. I really cannot blame them because I went through the same emotions as well. Before I share with you how to order Paparazzi jewelry wholesale, it is quite important to understand some of the basics first.

Understanding the Starter Kits

Paparazzi has three starter kits ranging from the $99 Preview Pack, the $299 Small Home Party Kit, and the $499 Large Home Party Kit. The basic starter kit at $99 only contained 35 pieces of hand-selected jewelries and accessories to get you started on your Paparazzi jewelry business. The Small Home Party Kit has 120 jewelries and accessories valued at $600 and the Large Home Party Kit has 200 pieces of jewelries and accessories valued at over $1,100.

For many first-time users of Paparazzi there is always that sense of skepticism. At the back of their minds, everything sounds too good to be true so I would rather test the waters first before I really jump in. I do recognize this frame of mind. I also understand the need to be very cautious in all things online simply because there are plenty of scams out there. To tell you the truth, I was cynical myself. That is why I also started with the very basic kit of all, the Preview Pack at $99. I wasn’t ready yet to part with my $500 for 200 pieces of jewelry and accessories that I am really not sure will work or not.

Lo and behold. I sold all of my 35 pieces in one sitting. I knew there was potential in Paparazzi so I decided the next step is to order wholesale Paparazzi jewelry and accessories. And I am sure many of you would like, too.

Going Wholesale

I was confident that I will be able to do well in retailing Paparazzi jewelries and accessories. Besides, I already had several of my friends wanting to become a Consultant, too. Perhaps the major benefit of buying wholesale is the amount of savings you can get from placing a large volume of order at once. Companies generally provide substantial discounts on volume orders. Additionally, they usually provide free shipping for volume orders. You can translate that into additional earnings. Furthermore, placing orders every now and then can be quite tiring and stressful although it can all be done online.

Ordering Paparazzi Accessories Wholesale

Here, I have listed the steps you will need to do to order wholesale from Paparazzi. You can also place your order by phone but mostly I will be sharing what you need to do to order wholesale online.

1. First, join Paparazzi Accessories, by clicking the banner below. Then you'll get a logon for and click on Login. Alternatively, you can download their mobile app for both Android and iOS devices and use this to order wholesale as it is available only to Consultants.

2. Login with your account credentials particularly your Paparazzi Consultant ID number and your password. If there are problems logging in you can click on Forgot password or call the customer service hotline of Paparazzi. Click on Sign in.

3. The opening screen brings you to three choices: Shop, My Back Office, and My Parties. Since we are interested in placing an order for a Paparazzi earrings wholesale, for example, then you have to click on Shop. My Back Office is more about managing all of your stats both from your own retail activities and those of your downline. The My Parties tab is dedicated to the different events or parties that you have planned including the hosts and hostesses that provided you with the venue for the party and who, themselves, earned some Paparazzi rewards for hosting the event.

4. Start shopping. You can look at the different categories of jewelry and accessories at the just below the banner of the page and select a category that you like. To create interest among your customers, I usually head on to the New Releases category since this gives me an idea of what products are new and whether these new jewelries and accessories will be well-accepted by my own clients. Additionally, you can use the built-in search engine to find out any item that matches what you are looking for.

5. Here’s the thing, you need to check whether you see a Wholesale price amounting to $2.75 and not $5. In the event that you see $5 and not $2.75 this means that you are logged in as a customer and not as a Consultant. So, please do double check that you are logged in as a Paparazzi Consultant.

6. Click on the Add to bag button on top of the items that you want to order and continue shopping.

7. View the content of your Bag first. This allows you to review the things that you just ordered. Here’s a tip, make sure to check the total amount before tax because if it is at least $100 the shipping is already free. Additionally, understand that for every 20 volumes of purchases, you get 1 piece of free jewelry. For example, if you ordered a total of 100 volumes worth of items, then you have 5 bonus or free items which can be placed in your hostess’ rewards. Review everything else.

8. Click on Checkout and fill up the necessary information then click on Proceed to Checkout. On the leftmost portion of the page, you will have the images of the items you ordered. You can take a screenshot of this for documentation purposes or you can individually download them to be posted on your own personal website.

And you are done. It’s very easy to place a wholesale order with Paparazzi. You can also perform the above steps on your mobile device. You can do your shopping on your mobile device and finalize it on your desktop computer or vice versa. There is seamless integration of information so that buying Paparazzi accessories wholesale is made a lot more efficient and really easy.

Ordering quality and elegant yet truly inexpensive jewelry and accessories has never been this easy. Grab this chance to start realizing your dreams. Join the Paparazzi family as an Independent Consultant now.

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