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Welcome to Danielle & Jason Baker LLC

We are Danielle Baker & Jason Baker! We are happily married, parents to 3 dogs, 2 adopted cats & 1 son named Gunnar. ;) We are also grandparents to our beautiful granddaughter Sophia. Proud USAF military family.  We are ELITE Independent Consultants in the top .01% and 2 time Bling boss 6 figure earners.

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We originally joined Paparazzi to make enough money just to buy new tires for our car. We now lead an ELITE team of thousands of amazing women and men nationwide and we growing daily! We LOVE our team!

After 8 months Danielle retired herself from her full-time career as a wedding minister. We make my own schedules, travel and enjoy the freedom we have found. We are SO happy that I made the leap and joined Paparazzi.

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If you're looking to make some extra cash or potentially turn it into something full-time let's chat and get you started with this awesome company! We just know that you'll love it as much as we do!!

Paparazzi Accessories is amazing company that releases new items 5 days a week M-F and once they are sold out, they may never return.  I love specializing in new releases and vintage pieces that everyone wants! 

 Everything you see on the site is brand new, Lead and Nickel compliant so it works well with most people who are allergic to jewelry or that have sensitive skin.  It's high quality, trendy and current, gorgeous and just $5.00!! 

The Exclusive Zi Collection is $25.00 each.  

Here, you will always find a friend. 

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