Everything You Need to Know About Becoming a Paparazzi Accessories Consultant

Everything You Need to Know About Becoming a Paparazzi Accessories Consultant

You can easily become a consultant today by selecting the "Join My Team Link" at the bottom of the page, you may quickly start working as a consultant right now. This will take you to the New Enrollment Page, where you can enter your contact details and select the starter kit you want. After that, you will have your own Independent Consultant ID # and will officially be a Paparazzi Independent Consultant.

Even though the beginner kit's components are always accessible, ONLY NEW CONSULTANTS ARE PERMITTED TO PURCHASE A STARTER KIT. It will provide you everything you require to throw your very first party and get started on the path to success. I was eager to see what was included when I bought the Small Home Party Kit. In order to provide these Starter Kits with the best-selling items in a variety of colors and designs that match the most recent trend results, Paparazzi closely monitors sales and fashion trends. In the end, you can sell more as a consultant if you can carry more accessories.  It is challenging to have a large enough collection with less than 100 pieces to appeal to a larger range of people and personalities.

When I got my first starter kit, I did a live box opening on Facebook to introduce my family and friends to the jewelry. I did, however, sell all 35 pieces in a flash. It was like Christmas watching my sister, friends and mother get so happy as we brought out each piece. Did I mention how much I enjoy receiving packages in the mail? Well, getting such a wide selection of vibrant, stylish accessories at such a steep discount was a fantastic option for me. It's now your chance to enjoy the MAGIC!

Getting started as a Paparazzi Independent Consultant is easy and clear-cut:

- Purchase your stock up front.
- Sell your stock for just $5 per piece and receive a 45 percent commission.
- Sell what you have; it will find a buyer!
- Sell where and when you want.
- Earn more money when other people join y our team
- Have a party to raise money for a vacation, bills, or for the kids' piano, dancing, and sports classes.
- Have fun promoting the newest, trendiest goods that ALL women like!

It works because it's affordable for both you and your potential consumers and is fun, fun, fun. Who can resist a $5 look from Paparazzi when they have something for everyone?

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