Our Story- Danielle and Jason Baker- Elite Paparazzi Leaders

 January 2018- Where it all began!

 Our Story- Danielle and Jason Baker- Elite Paparazzi Leaders     

Hope this can be an inspiration for many of you today!

♥ We are Danielle & Jason Baker. Leaders of the Elite Rockstar Team.

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Many of my friends don't understand the sacrifice, long hours, restless nights, and much more that a small business owner goes through. It's not just jewelry.

It's about empowering women, building confidence, blessing and helping others.

​I joined in January 2018 because I did not have money to buy a set of new tires for my car. (Silly, but true.)  We were living check to check and I needed to find a way to buy $1,000 of new tires for my car. 

You see, I had been a wedding minister for 10 years and loved my job.  I had NO intention to quit my job. I just needed $$$ fast.  I saw someone share a live one night on Facebook and told my husband I was going to spend $99 on a jewelry kit and earn  money to buy my tires.  He said okay and did not take me serious.  He quickly was convinced and joined me!

I received my jewelry kit January 25, 2018 and was dumbfounded on the quality.  I went live right away that night!  I sold and sold and did buy my tires that first month.  At this point, I just sat and prayed and said okay God, I am going to hustle as hard as I can and see what this does.  My 4th month in, I had built a team of 15 men and woman and had doubled my wedding income.  I was hooked!

Fast forward to today, 5 1/2 years later. We are blessed to lead an ELITE team of thousands of men and woman nationwide and I have retired myself from my career and work Paparazzi full time.

As I look back, I am so thankful for God's great sense of humor because he knew where he needed me.  :)  Never in a million years I would not have thought that I would have a team. All I wanted was to show the product and earn some extra income. 

When consultants tell me they don't have the time or money to invest in this business, all I can do is shake my head. I am proof that it can be done.

 I saw the opportunity of earning just some extra income.  I used to make less than 36K per year. I made double that my first year with Paparazzi. Now we are blessed to make multiple six figures a year. 

Please click this link to see the average earnings for Paparazzi Consultants: https://bit.ly/37jspJa

There was never an excuse for me because I've always found a solution. I've always pushed forward. I am Thankful to God for those financial struggles, because as I look back, all I can be is very grateful today. We are a testimony of his Blessings & Faithfulness.

In the whole company, there are about 300 or so Elite top leaders. (The top .01% of the company.)  There are only a few top leaders who have made Elite Status within 1 year.  I happen to be one of them.   I am thankful that I never quit. I could have, but never did.

I had a business mind. I knew I needed inventory to provide the best for my new clients and friends. Without jewelry is like having an empty store. I've built my inventory from 35 pieces to over 2,000 pieces in 1 year. I re-invested for 8+ months.  Now I have my own jewelry store and I am able to share the jewelry through Social Media & party on Facebook.

I don't compare my journey with other Elite Leaders, because my journey has taught me so much!! I've learned so much. We started as a struggling couple and now I am able to teach others how to NOT make the mistakes I've made. Teach them what works. I am able to show them that someone like me who put God First, helped others and put in an effort made it to the top and they can too! This isn't LUCK. This is Reality.

We have leadership and a system that works. You can make it happen too.  My goal as leader is to help my team members accomplish what their goals are and much more for their family. For them to have Financial Freedom.  I am just beyond grateful for God's blessings!!! Thankful for a husband who supports me. 

In 1 year we were blessed to attend the Aspire Paparazzi Annual Convention in Las Vegas where we received a few awards and we also earned 2 FREE All Inclusive trips to the Dominican Republic for the Paparazzi Passport Vacation 2019.

Danielle Baker- Elite Paparazzi Consultant Aspire Convention 2018  Our Story- Danielle and Jason Baker- Elite Paparazzi Leaders

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Paparazzi Sisters: Enjoy the little things. Build Relationships.

Enjoy the small steps you take. Learn from your mistakes. Try again. Do it SCARED!  Don't compare your journey with others, instead enjoy it! Lastly, remember that It does take effort and time. You must take action.

We would love to have you on our ELITE team.  Let's start your Paparazzi journey today!  


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