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Let’s Show the Kids in the Dominican Republic What is Possible!
It’s not an exaggeration when we say that our connection with the Niños de Cristo Orphanages in the Dominican Republic has been life changing. The children who reside there, along with their teachers and support team have become like a second family to us—and to so many of you! We regularly hear from Consultants who have had the opportunity to connect with these remarkable individuals, and when we get updates from the kids, they are not shy about sharing their love for Paparazzi.
When we launched Paparazzi Possible last October, you helped us raise enough money to financially support the orphanages in the Dominican Republic for an entire year. Your generosity has provided food and clothing, along with cleaning supplies, toiletries, and school supplies, but most importantly, you’ve provided security. Without looming uncertainty lingering in the background, the kids have been free to focus on their schoolwork, explore hobbies, and develop new skills that will serve them for years to come.
With the cost of goods continuing to climb, these children need us more than ever. That’s why, as we work to make a difference within our communities this month, we will also be collecting donations that will go directly to the orphanages in the Dominican Republic. Whether you donate $5 to feed a child for a day, invest in their future by supplementing the cost of continuing education, or contribute to providing supplies needed to run their daily operations, every single penny helps! This is Paparazzi Possible!
To make a donation to the orphanages in the Dominican Republic, check out the Paparazzi Possible category of your Back Office throughout the month of October. Thank you in advance for your generosity!
We can’t wait to show the kids what YOU have made possible.  
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